I think often times us students (especially us college students) get so distracted with our studies and school work that we forget to work for the most important test: getting through this dunya with jannah as our goal. May Allah swt ease our studies and make us successful, while sending us reminders that will make our akhira’s successful, as well.


Days will pass, and you will give up things you were addicted to,
You will leave someone, you will cancel a dream, and finally, you will accept a reality.

ستمضي للأيام .. وتتخلّى عن أشياءَ أدمنتها ..
ستترُكُ أحداً .. وستُلغي حُلماً .. وأخيراً ستتقبّلُ واقِعاً ..

(via lipstick-bullet)

The morality of this system is sickening. I mean why is is expected for us to constantly be in the streets in order to morally fulfill our animalistic desires? You know there is more to this temporary life than temporary satisfaction. Knowledge is the key and the first step to breaking free, but thanks to the educational system those positive desires are also fading away because they teach us that a number is what defines us and that is the only way we can please our parents, but to be honest..
I have learn more from what i have not learnt in school. How ironic. Prophet Muhammad has taught me womens rights and the importance of knowledge and Malcolm X has taught me changing, and I decided to look beyond from what the Media is showing or rather not..showing at all. I refuse to be another citizen that expected to do nothing but to indulge in whats not good for me, cause if you ask me: i’d rather have a one night stand with a book and give birth to knowledge.

I don’t think I can attain the simple life I am searching for in this country, but the people I have so much love for live here.