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20y. Muslim. Moroccan. living in the Netherlands. Palestinian by heart.

Alhamdulillah, always.


I’m Alhamdullilah a born Muslim, always had my deepest interest in our religion, but It was Ramadan 2013 really when I noticed my lack of knowledge. So I decided to do something about it. A person with knowledge will have a purpose and goal in life, which is to obey Allah to the best of his ability in every moment of ones life through taqwa, which leads to a firm iman.

There is no doubt that knowledge plays a big role in increasing the iman of a weak heart. I’m still working on it, actually, but I began by performing the obligatory duties imposed on us, such as performing the five daily prayers at their fixed times. This really really helped me Alhamdulillah.

I’m still on my path of gaining as much knowledge possible. I acknowledge improvement, which i’m grateful for.


If you hate everyone of a certain race, no matter what that race is, it shows your ignorance. 

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For all the Dutch followers/tumblers, please don’t forget to sign this petition. We are calling for Sanctions against Israel. Any other country would have been sanctioned for her apartheid, aggression and flaunting of International Law.

"In recent weeks I was on the border of Gaza and getting reports from soldiers in the Gaza Strip who leak information out to me. I am in the process of publication of two big stories in major U.S. newspapers, but there are some things I can share with you right now: Soldiers in two different units inside Gaza leaked information about the murdering of Palestinians by sniper fire in Shuja’iyya neighborhood as punishment for the death of soldiers in their units. After the shooting on the Israeli armored personnel carriers, which killed seven soldiers of the Golani Brigade, the Israeli army carried out a massacre in Shuja’iyya neighborhood. A day after the massacre, many Palestinians came to search for their relatives and their families in the rubble. In one of the videos uploaded to YouTube, a young Palestinian man calls the names of his family and looking for them between the ruins when he is suddenly shot at in his chest and falls down. A few seconds after that, there are two additional shootings from snipers into his body, killing him instantly. Since the video was released, there was no official response from the IDF spokesperson. Today I can report that the official command that was handed down to the soldiers in Shujaiyya was to capture Palestinian homes as outposts. From these posts, the soldiers drew an imaginary red line, and amongst themselves decided to shoot to death anyone who crosses it. Anyone crossing the line was defined as a threat to their outposts, and was thus deemed a legitimate target. This was the official reasoning inside the units. I was told that the unofficial reason was to enable the soldiers to take out their frustrations and pain at losing their fellow soldiers (something that for years the IDF has not faced during its operations in Gaza and the West Bank), out on the Palestinian refugees in the neighborhood. Under the pretext of the so-called “security threat” soldiers were directed to carry out a pre-planned attack of revenge on Palestinian civilians. These stories join many other similar ones that Amira Hass and I investigated in Operation Cast Lead. The death toll that continues to rise is steadily reaching the numbers of the massacre of 2009.
More than 1,100 have been killed in Gaza, at least 80 percent of them civilians. Today it is cleared for publication that at least 4 soldiers were killed by a rocket in a gathering area outside of Gaza, and another soldier was killed in Gaza. They join 43 soldiers that have already been killed. We know that more acts of revenge will come soon and it is important that we not stay silent. This is the time to take to the streets and to social media. Demand from your representative wherever you are to stop supporting this massacre and to immediately boycott the state of Israel until the occupation ends, the blockade is lifted and Palestinians will be free. We all want to be in the right place at the right time when history knocks on our door, and history is knocking in Gaza right now. You need to decide on which side you want to go down in history."
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Allahi barkfiek! (Moroccan style)
Eid mubarak to you too sweet anon! :)